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Getting Started

Start sharing content from the very start of your projects development.
Just because you are in the early stages of development doesn't mean you can't start building an audience and interest in your project.
Let people know about you, your team, and the exciting vision you are building in The Sandbox!
Here are some marketing materials to put in place to make sure you can begin sharing in the community.
  • At least one square-shaped logo.
  • Size the logo so it is a minimum of 300px X 300px
  • One with a background and one with no background (transparent).
  • Avoid using white text on transparent backgrounds - it will be invisible when published.

Create a Logo Thumbnail

  • A thumbnail version of your square logo.
  • Resize a copy of the square logo to 150px in width and 150px in height.
  • At least one rectangle-shaped banner logo. But preferably two.
  • A minimum of 970px X 500px. - A maximum of 1920px X 1080px
  • One with a background and one with no background (transparent).
  • Do not use white text on a transparent background - it will be invisible when published.

Tell us more about you!

Another opportunity not to be missed is the chance to show the creators behind the Experiences ASSETs. So we encourage creators to have information about you and or your team ready to share along with your experience and ASSET material:
  • 1-3 sentences about yourself (Inspiration, first touchpoint with The Sandbox, ...)
  • Provide a photograph of yourself or your studio. If you are camera shy, a voxelised or digital image of you is fine.
If you are a studio, a logo will be okay, but your audience will prefer to see your team's friendly faces - so, group photo time!