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Components & Gems

Different Gems affect specific Components and their underlying variables.
Since almost any asset can have Components added to them, there are potential use cases for every gem, however, if you are creating an ASSET that is intended to perform a specific function, it can be useful to know which Gems synergise with the correlating function.
Below is a list of Components that have variables directly affected by the specific gems.


The Climbable Component can be added to an object so that when a player collides with it they will automatically be able to move along its surface vertically and horizontally.
Speed affects the Climb Speed Multiplier of the component, which changes how quickly the player moves as they climb.


The Collectible Component can be attached to any object, and when an Avatar connects with it, the object will be added to the player’s inventory.
Luck affects the Collect Amount variable, which defines how many units of the object will be added to the Avatars inventory.


The Drop Component can be attached to any object so that when that Object is destroyed or receives a message it will create a different object.
Luck affects the Collect Amount variable, which determines how man objects are dropped.
If an object is set to drop upon defeat, then the health component will also be required.


The Health Component can be added to any object to make it destructible, so if you add Defense gems to anything that you want to be destroyable they will define how hard it is to destroy the asset.
For example, the Door Behaviour doesn’t use any Gems, but adding a Health Component to it will make the object destructible.
Defence defines how many Health Points the entity assigned with the Health Component can have.

Play Sound

The Play Sound Component can trigger a sound when the object is interacted with.
Magic affects the Sound Range variable, which controls the distance a player can be from the object before they will no longer be able to hear that sound.