Acquiring & Using LAND

To publish an experience in The Sandbox you need to own or rent LAND.
You can use the Game Maker to design Experiences and VoxEdit to create ASSETs, but when it comes to publishing your Experiences you will need to have a LAND in The Sandbox Metaverse to map it to. Below are a few of the options you have for acquiring LAND.
Publishing your Experience to a LAND isn't currently available while The Sandbox is in Alpha. You can prepare your LAND, Experiences and ASSETs so that you are ready to publish when the features to do so are released.

LANDs on the marketplace

The Sandbox LANDs and ESTATEs can be purchased from The Sandbox during official LAND sales or of the secondary market through platforms such as OpenSea.

Public LAND sales

Secondary Market

They can also be purchased via the secondary market.

Private Sale

Alternatively, they can be acquired from private sales, which can be found on our official Discord server in a channel named "Sandbox LANDs For Sale".
In the future, it will be possible to purchase LANDs from The Sandbox's own marketplace. Or you will be able to rent LANDs from their owners.

Acquiring LAND

On some, but not all, occasions, LAND may be provided by The Sandbox. Otherwise, you can purchase some LAND yourself to develop on.
  • If the LAND is provided by the Sandbox, remember that the location will be set by The Sandbox based on the reserved LANDs it has.
  • If you want your Experience to be located in a specific particular place, we recommend that you buy the LAND yourselves.

Buying LAND from The Sandbox

To purchase LAND from The Sandbox, you will need to participate in official LAND sales. See the two links below.

Buying LAND from the secondary market

Alternatively, you can purchase LAND on OpenSea, a secondary market. This method might be better if you are looking for a number of LANDs that are touching each other. See the link below.