Marketing Your Project

Make your audience knows about your project and how they can get involved!
Build it and they will come! Well, so they say, but let's make sure by putting the time and effort into creating marketing materials that help give your experience visibility.
We want the community to be as excited about your project as you are, but first of all, they need to know about it!
Having high-quality images, video, and information about your experiences and ASSETs is essential to getting the message out there and generating interest.
In the following topics, we will cover a range of best practices you can use to share insights with the community about your project, your process and how to make sure your audience is able to get involved, and are ready to join you in The Sandbox when you launch.
As your project develops and evolves, you will need to provide fresh marketing material to continue to attract attention and generate hype for your project. So we would like to encourage you to regularly share details about your project on your official social media channels and website, and be sure to tag The Sandbox so we can see what you are working on as well!