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Gems & Rarity

Not all rarity is defined by Gems and Catalysts. Some Rarity is defined by mint limitations.

Assigning Gems & Catalysts for Scarcity

If you don’t have a particular function in mind, you have the freedom to put gems in Assets that won’t fulfil a role right now, but that could make them useful in the future.
You might have a very special item in your experience that doesn’t have a Behavior, like a statue or a powerful NPC. You can give those ASSETs extra Gems just to make them rank higher in Tier (such as Epic or Legendary) even if they don’t have an intended functionality.

Art & Props

Art and Props are ASSETs that don’t need Catalysts to be minted. While this means they don't have the same functional utility in the Game Maker, it doesn't mean that they are not valuable and worth creating.
The perception of ASSET value on the blockchain is also linked with its scarcity, and so while Art and Props do not require Catalysts, and therefore do not have Tier. Instead, their rarity is defined by minting limitations.
When minting Art only 1 copy can be minted.
When minting Props there is a limit of 10,000 copies.
This minting limit provides an opportunity to decorate your experiences with ASSETs of varying scarcity without the need for Gems or Catalysts.
Art and Props are non-functional ASSETS that cant use Behaviours or Components.