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During Development

Release updates regularly to maintain interest and share insights with your audience.
Once your creative process is underway, it's time to start dropping some sneaky behind the scenes glimpses of what you are working on.
Don't worry about making things perfect at this stage, it's about taking your audience on the journey with you. While what you work on now may not be the finished product, it will help give viewers a sense of the projects look and feel.

Asset Images

If you are building custom ASSETs, then make sure you include images of them. These should ideally be rendered on a transparent background, but using backgrounds or screenshots can be valuable as well.
Using GIFs to bring some movement to your ASSETs is a powerful way to share updates!

Provide Progress Screenshots

Use unique screenshots of your project. As your project grows keep these up to date. Share frequently where possible. This will let you show how your project evolves during the production process.
Screenshots should be high quality and should try to avoid showing spoilers in your screenshots, such as puzzle solutions, secret areas and the end-game.
You can share concept art as well, especially if you are able to show the transition from concept to implementation, but don't let this overshadow the opportunity to release in-game screenshots of the actual project. Give your audience a look under the hood, increasing their excitement and interest in what you’re creating.
Again, you can spice up the way you share your progress by capturing some content in GIF form.

Provide Behind the Scenes Video

Let your audience see some of the creative processes. Maybe a speed build of an ASSET, or some blocking out of a section of your experience. Letting people in on some 'top secret' progress content will create intrigue, and is sure to leave your audience wanting to find out more.
As with any sharing of this kind, make sure you don't give away any big secrets. While you want to share as much as you can, you don't want to give away the whole story just yet.