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Open Source Models

Here you will be able to download our first Open sourced model.
Introducing Sebastien Borget

Get creative

Download the zipped filed below and open in VoxEdit redraw/reskin your very own Seb!
Whether you want to make a Christmas themed Seb, Easter Bunny Seb, Summer Fun, or just add your version of him into your own experiences in Game Maker. The choices are endless.
Watch this video to learn how to download, open and then edit the character file.
Next steps is to move the model over to a medium human NPC template and then upload to workspaces followed by adding your creation into your game. Follow the video shown to learn how to do this.
Make sure to share your creations on social media adding @VoxEdit @TheSandboxGame and don't forget to tag @BorgetSebastien
You can add him into your workspace and then incorporate him into your very own experiences.
More open source models to come.
Unlimited use licence This licence allows for unlimited personal use and no monetary limit on the commercial use.
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