Colour and Style


Kindly use the Official TSB Colour Palette as a base for your creations. The palette is already included in some of the templates by default.
It is possible to add your own colours, but try to stick to the palette as much as possible. That way, your asset will better match with other assets in the Marketplace.
Please use the appropriate colours for Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, ...).
Below is an example with potential use cases of the colours in the official template. These are mostly suggestions, so feel free to use Jade for orc skin, Warm Grays for fur, Dirt for wood, etc.
Potential use cases for the palette.

Emission Levels

Emissive colours will look different in VoxEdit, the Marketplace and the Game Maker. The three platforms handle lighting differently, so there will be inconsistencies.
If your asset has important details using emissive colours, always double-check to see how they will look inside the Game Maker.
Example of how emissive colours look different on each platform.