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Colour Palette

Use the Paint Tools to create textures on locks.

Preview Material Colour

Within the Material panel on the right of the screen, you will be able to see the colour selected in the palette.
You have different options for adjusting the colour, either manually or with color codes.
To adjust colour manually, you can grab the white triangle selector on the vertical hue bar to choose the base colour. Then you can fine tune it by grabbing the white circle selector and dragging it left or right for decreasing or increasing saturation and moving it up or down to increase or decrease brightness. Your colour sample in the top left of the panel will change as you adjust.
To use codes, you can enter the RGB, HSB, or HEX codes, and it will automatically change the selectors to the correct positions to indicate the colour you've chosen. This is great for matching colour palettes found online or colours from images you're using for inspiration.
Clicking the Diamond shape will turn the emission on for the selected colour, giving it a glowing effect. This is shown on the selected colour swatch in the palette with having the diamond on it as well.
If you wish to use the same colour and an area have emission and another not, select the colour and then the + button to add the same colour swatch and turn emission off.

Adding swatches

You can add swatches by clicking the + button on the palette panel up to 256 swatches. Clicking the or 3 lines button will allow you to save the palette, load or start a new one.
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