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View Types

There are some more options for controlling your view. The top corner can switch to 2 and 4 view panes, with one in 3d and the rest in 2d views. You can also toggle the 3d view between perspective and orthographic modes. In the bottom corner, there are options to toggle the axis and object front indicators, the floor and wall grids and High lighting.

Light Source Control

You can change the lighting in VoxEdit to create better screenshots and make it easier to see what you’re making.
Click the light bulb icon in the upper right corner of the window to open the Light Control panel.
Open the Light Control panel by clicking the lightbuld in the top right corner.
You can select no light, one light, or both lights.
Turning off both lights will leave your model with even lighting all around and no shadows, which can make details hard to see, but the model as a whole will be bright and visible.
Turning on one light source will illuminate the selected angle and cast shadows on the opposite side. To soften the effect of the single light, you can turn on a second light to illuminate the shaded areas.
Here is what it looks like to toggle through all 4 light options:

Adjusting Lighting Azimuth Angle

To adjust the position of the light sources, use the Azimuth and Altitude settings.
An Azimuth angle of 0 degrees is pointing straight to the front side of your asset. This rotates around your model to 90 degrees on the character's left side, 180 degrees to the backside, and inverts to -90 degrees on the character’s right side.
Adjusting Azimuth angle in the Lighting Control panel.

Adjusting Lighting Altitude

Altitude is the angle of light vertically from 90 degrees on top to 0 degrees at the middle and -90 degrees below.
Each angle can be typed manually in the box.
You can achieve nice even shadowing by setting both lights at opposite angles from each other, and not perfectly aligned to a 45 or 90 value so there is variation in brightness from one side of a voxel to another.
Adjusting Altitude in the Lighting Control panel.
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