Registering An Account At The Sandbox

Educational advice on where and how to safely register for an account at The Sandbox.
Registering an account at The Sandbox is quick, easy, and simple. However, you should be aware of fake websites that try to look similar to the real thing in order to trick you. Although The Sandbox does utilise a dedicated service that hunts down these fake websites and gets them removed as soon as possible, it is still possible that you may run into one of these fakes.

The Sandbox's Official Website

The only legitimate web address for The Sandbox's official website, including its marketplace, NFT claims, Alpha Seasons, Contests, and Staking pages is:

Registering Your Account - In Five Steps

How to register an account at The Sandbox, in five easy steps.
Step 1: Go to The Sandbox website.
Step 2: Click the blue "Sign In" button in the top-right of the website.
Step 3: Choose a registration option. Beware that the option you choose will also determine which cryptocurrency wallet that you connect to your account. Choose wisely.
Click here to learn more about which registration options offer which wallets
  • Choosing to register with WEB3 will allow you to connect a MetaMask wallet to your account.
  • Choosing to register with email (except Gmail), will allow you to connect a Bitski wallet to your account.
  • Choosing to register with Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail will allow you to connect a Venly wallet to your account.
  • Choosing to register with Coinbase will allow you to connect a Coinbase wallet to your account.
Your chosen cryptocurrency wallet currently cannot be changed after your account at The Sandbox is registered. Make sure you select the correct option for the wallet you have, or wish to connect.
Step 4: Follow any necessary instructions from the wallet provider that you chose.
Step 5: When prompted, give yourself a username, choose a password, and enter your email address. This email address will be used to notify you if you have won (legitimate) contests, so make sure it is accessible.

Registering Your Account - A More Detailed Guide

For a more detailed guide on registering an account at The Sandbox, including video guides and instructions on connecting your chosen wallet, see this page on The Sandbox's main knowledge base:
Always remember that The Sandbox will never ask for your wallet's seed phrase. Not even on the official website. There is no reason why anybody but yourself needs to know your seed phrase. For more information, see the Protecting Your Seed Phrase page.