Here you will find many helpful shortcuts you can use within VoxEdit

Modeler Shortcuts

  • Select multiple Layers in the Modeler.
  • CTRL/CMD+N - New [Layer].
  • Move voxels based on camera with keyboard arrows, SHFT+Up/Down for third Axis.
  • Color Picker active toggle (Tab) (Photoshop style).
  • Select Voxels in the Modeler with CTRL/WMD+A
  • Deselect Voxels in the Modeler with CTRL/CMD+W.

Animator Shortcuts

  • Drag a box to select multiple Models & Nodes in the Viewport.
  • Use a mix of CTRL/CMD & SHFT click to add, remove content from a selection.
  • Select multiple Nodes in the Viewport & Skeleton Panel.
  • Select multiple VXM models in the Library Panel.
  • Select a Node with a model attached to find it in the Library Panel.
  • Flip & Rotate Multiple selected Layers.
  • Drag & Drop to replace a model attached to multiple Nodes.
  • Delete, Rename & Duplicate multiple Nodes, Models, Animations and Layers at once.
  • CTRL/CMD+A - Select All [Skeleton / Viewport / Timeline].
  • CTRL/CMD+D - Duplicate [Library / Skeleton / Animation List / Layer].
  • CTRL/CMD+R - Rename [Library / Skeleton / Animation List / Layer].
  • CTRL/CMD+C - Copy [Timeline Copy Keyframes].
  • CTRL/CMD+V - Paste [Timeline Paste Keyframes].
  • CTRL/CMD+SHFT+V - Paste [Timeline Paste Keyframes Flipped].
  • Del/Supr - Delete [Library / Skeleton / Animation List / Viewport / Layer].
  • SHFT+Del/Supr - Unlink VXM model (Skeleton / Viewport].
  • Expand and collapse selected Node Hierarchy with SHFT+click on +/- button.
  • SHFT+A click on a Node to select it’s hierarchy [node and children] in Skeleton & Viewport Panel.
Some great additions to your day to day workflow!
  • Search fast for an animation with keyboard press e.g. W = Walk.
  • Repeat tap the keyboard press to cycle through the animation results.
  • Set keyframe on selected Node with hotkey S.
  • Set keyframe on selected Node and all children with hotkey SHFT+S.
  • Localization added for Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese & Traditional Chinese and more.
  • Library toolbar now replaces individual thumbnail toolbars, see more thumbnails in the library
  • Open Shortcut guide with SHFT+H.