Staying Safe on Discord

Education about how to keep safe on Discord
Another platform that scammers use to try and steal funds and NFTs from you, is Discord.

Identifying Genuine Staff & Ambassadors On Discord

  • In The Sandbox's official Discord community, staff will have blue usernames. This is true for all staff, whether they are community managers, moderators, or support.
  • We also have some Ambassadors in The Sandbox's official Discord community. These are not staff members, but are trusted members of the community who can help you. Ambassadors will have orange usernames.

Community Staff & Ambassadors Will Never Do Any Of The Following:

  • Send you a direct message (DMs) or friend request. Even if it's for support purposes (that's what the private support tickets are for).
  • Send you information about sales, giveaways, contests, passes, NFTs, tests, and so on in DMs.
  • Ask you to send funds or NFTs.
  • Ask you for wallet seed phrases, wallet passwords, or account passwords.
  • Ask you to connect your wallet to anywhere that is not an official The Sandbox website (see the Official Links page).
  • Ask you to re-verify / reauthenticate your wallet or similar.

Common Tactics Scammers May Attempt

Common tactics to gain access to cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Send you a DM claiming to be a support representative, admin, moderator, staff, or Ambassador. They will pretend to be assisting you with an issue you mentioned in a public chat channel.
  • Send you a DM claiming there's a sale, mint, giveaway or similar. Or claiming that you have won something or that you have been selected to take part in a test.
  • Post a link that looks like a typical attempt to shill another project (which is against our community rules). However, the link they are shilling is actually to a fake website or compromised app to attempt to steal your wallet credentials.

Common tactics to steal funds:

  • Claim that they are a crypto expert or investor who is looking to share their skills with you in return for commission on the profit you make with their teachings. This is an attempt to steal funds from you, not to make you any money.
  • Post a fake sob story about being in a tough spot, being heavily disabled, having medical expenses, being a war victim, and so on, asking people to send them donations.
    • The Sandbox supports charitable causes and encourages you to donate to officially registered charities if you wish to contribute, not to random people claiming hardship in conversations and communities, as they are likely scammers.

Common tactics to steal NFTs:

  • Posing as an interested buyer for an NFT you are selling, then trying to encourage you to send them the NFT first in private so that fees are cheaper. If you make the mistake of sending them the NFT, they will not pay you because they never intended to. Conduct all sales through official marketplaces like OpenSea only.
    • Staff will also not mediate, oversee, or assist with "private" sales. Not only do staff not have the time to do this, it is also not their job. Scammers may utilise multiple accounts to impersonate staff overseeing a private sale.
  • Posing as a person seeking services from a creator or studio or offering such services. They may ask for something to be sent to them, like NFTs (as "proof of work"), funds, account access, or wallet seed phrases.

Common tactics to steal personal information or accounts:

  • Posing as a person who is looking to hire testers, managers, or moderators, offering you cash for work. These scammers are likely to ask you to undergo a KYC process for their security. However, this process is actually an attempt to steal your KYC data for their own use.
    • In less common cases, they might also trick you into giving them access to your wallet in order to drain it.
  • Attempting to get you to click a fake link on social media or instant messengers, which might be disguised as a promotional link or a NSFW link, to entice you to click it. Clicking it and following through with the process may give the scammer access to your account.