Keeping Your Account at The Sandbox Safe

Education about keeping your account at The Sandbox safe.
Here are some quick points to help you keep your account at The Sandbox safe.


  • Create a strong password. See the Choosing A Strong Password page.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Do not write your password down in its entirety. And definitely do not save your password on your devices.
  • Genuine The Sandbox support has no reason to know what your password is.
  • Consider changing your password from time to time.

Accessing Your Account

  • The only legitimate web address for The Sandbox is
  • This is also the same address for The Sandbox marketplace, staking, NFT claims, Alpha Seasons, Contests, and so on.
  • You can log in through your username and password. Or through your connected wallet.

Protecting Your Account

  • When was the last time you performed a virus scan on your device? Some viruses, such as spyware, tries to steal your passwords.
  • Always make sure you are logged out of your account when it is not in use. Especially if you share a device with someone else or if it is a public device (ie, in a library).
  • Do not let others share your account. As the person who created the account and accepted the legally-binding terms of use, you are solely responsible for everything that happens on the account, even if it was a friend, a sibling, or the cat.