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About the Pre-Season 0 Event

Pre-season 0 is an exciting community event which taking place within The Sandbox's metaverse. Find out more about this event, when it begins, how to participate and what you get in return.

What is the pre-season 0 event?

The pre-season 0 event will allow players the opportunity to be the first to experience the Play-to-Earn system in The Sandbox's metaverse.
This is a fifteen-day event where players can potentially earn $SAND rewards as well as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) just for playing games.

When does the pre-season 0 event begin?

The pre-season 0 event will launch in early 2021. We will have more information and a specific date to give out soon. We want to make sure that everything is as polished and smooth as possible for you first.

Who can access the pre-season 0 event?

LAND owners will initially have prime access to the pre-season 0 event. Other players will progressively be able to access the event on a pre-registration basis.
Anybody who participates in the event will be able to receive rewards. There is no need to spend hours brain-numbingly grinding stuff nor is there any need to make "pay-to-win" micro transactions in order to gain the upper hand.

What rewards are there in the pre-season 0 event?

The first 1,000 players to complete the pre-season objectives will each receive 1,000 $SAND tokens.
During the event there will be a counter on the map which will indicate how many $SAND rewards have been claimed and thus how many rewards are left to be claimed. Players can still play the seasonal event even after all rewards have been claimed, though no more $SAND rewards will be available.
Aside from that, all players who participate in the pre-season event will receive a unique NFT. To get this unique NFT, players just need to enter a game in the pre-season event.

How do you access the pre-season 0 event?

Players will simply need to go onto the Map section of The Sandbox's official website. Most of the map will be covered by fog on day one of the event. The fog will be removed and experiences will be unlocked in a planned schedule over the 15 days that the event will run for.
Clicking an available experience on the map will reveal information about that experience. Such as its name, description, thumbnail image and a list showcasing the rarest ASSETs that will be in that experience.
You will be able to purchase ASSETs used in the experience from this information prompt if desired (you do not need to do so in order to play the experience).
Players can travel to adjacent experiences by heading to the edge of the experience they are currently in. This means there is no need to go back to the dashboard after you have finished playing and exploring one experience.
For example, if there is another experience available to the east of the one you are currently in, walking to the eastern edge of the world will unlock the ability to teleport to that adjacent experience.

What is happening after the pre-season 0 event?

There will be more seasonal events in the future. Season 1 will bring more of The Sandbox's ecosystem and metaverse to life. There will be permanent progression achievements, daily quests, leaderboards loot, levels and experience (XP).
We plan to offer multiplayer experiences, cyclical game economy, consistent Play-to-Earn rewards, character progression, a permanent game world and many more.
Across the seasons, the metaverse will continue to expand. As this happens, the community will own and control more and more of the metaverse. Eventually The Sandbox will be a player in the game rather than the owner. This is the path to achieving decentralisation.
In each season we will expand on lore and introduce new features. But the core content of the game will be produced, judged, praised, improved and played by the community.

How often will these events run?

We plan to release a new seasonal event every few months.
In the meantime, creators will still be able to design and release new experiences every day to keep the metaverse fresh and fun until the next seasonal event launches.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss this event, join the community on Discord or Telegram.