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What can you do with LAND?

Owning LAND opens up a door of many possibilities for you. Find out what they are.

Host games

One of the primary functions of LAND is to allow game designers, whether experienced or not, to design, build, publish and monetise digital experiences such as games and dioramas.

Play games

Another primary function of LANDs is that gamers will be able to play the games or explore the dioramas that designers publish onto LAND. Some of these experiences will be free-to-play (F2P) while others, at the game designer's discretion, will not be.


Owning LAND will allow you to stake $SAND tokens in the LAND to earn passive rewards, including rare and coveted GEMs and CATALYSTs.


LAND owners can also choose to rent out their LANDs or ESTATEs to a game designer. Doing this will allow the LAND owner to monetise their LAND if they themselves do not wish to build an experience on it.

Host contests and giveaways

LAND owners can host contests and giveaways on their LANDs. To give a rough example - a game can be built on the LAND and the top three gamers who complete the game in the quickest time might win a rare ASSET or some $SAND.


A DISTRICT is a special kind of ESTATE that is owned by two or more LAND owners, who will be entitled to special governance rules that affect all the experiences within.

Be part of the governance of the metaverse

Owning LAND gives you a voice in the governance of the metaverse. LAND owners will be involved in determining the future of the platform.