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Designing and publishing games

Learn more about making and publishing games in The Sandbox.

How can you create games in The Sandbox?

You can create a game in The Sandbox by using the free Game maker software.

Do I need to have some LAND to publish a game to The Sandbox?

Using the Game Maker software is free for everyone. However, you will need to own or rent some LAND in The Sandbox in order to publish your game for others to play it.

How do I get ASSETs for my LAND?

There are three options. Firstly, you could build the ASSETs yourself in VoxEdit. Secondly, you can purchase the ASSETs designed by another creator from The Sandbox's marketplace. Or, thirdly, you can hire a voxel artist to collaborate with you.

Do I need to know how to code in order to make a game?

No, you do not need to have any coding experience to make a game in The Sandbox. The Game Maker is designed to be friendly to both experienced and inexperienced game designers.
In the future there will be optional features to make games using your coding experience. But for now we are focusing on a no-code approach so that the software is accessible to everyone regardless of their experience.

Can I monetise my LAND experience, such as a game?

You can allow players to play your experience for free, or you can charge players a fee in $SAND. When setting the price of your experience, you will need to bear in mind several factors, such as location, quality of your experience and the uniqueness of it.
If you own more than one LAND, it might be a good idea to offer at least one experience, such as a game, for free. This way players can get an idea of the quality of your game and the gameplay, helping them to decide whether to spend some $SAND on your non-free experiences.

How do I get players to visit my experience?

You can advertise your game on your social media accounts. You could encourage streamers to play your game in one of their livestreams. You could host a contest to drive in some traffic.