Staking SAND on LAND

Learn more about staking $SAND onto LANDs.

Staking $SAND into LAND

Will I be able to stake my $SAND into LAND?

Yes, this is an upcoming feature.

Will I be rewarded for staking $SAND into LAND?

Yes. Staking provides a source of passive income. It will also be the only way that very valuable GEMs and CATALSTs can be produced, which can either be used yourself or sold on The Sandbox's marketplace.

How do I stake my $SAND into LAND?

We will share some guides with you regarding how to do this once the feature is available.

Coming soon! After the feature has been released we will be updating this page with further information.

Liquidity mining (UniSwap)

Can I stake my $SAND into a liquidity mining pool?

Yes. You can stake $SAND into UniSwap's $SAND liquidity mining pool. Click here to go to the official staking page.

Will I be rewarded for staking my $SAND into this liquidity pool?

Yes. You will earn a share of the $SAND from the pool. Your total earnings depend on how much you have staked. Staking a low amount of $SAND will mean you will only get back a low return.

Your rewards will also be multiplied depending on how many LANDs you have in the same wallet that you are staking from.

As of phase 4 of the staking program (starting April 26th 2021), you can now also earn unique NFTs.

How do you earn NFTs from staking?

To earn monthly NFTs for staking, you will simply need to have staked $SAND/ETH during that month. If you remove your stake at any time in the month then you will become ineligible for the NFT reward. The NFT will be claimable in the next month, from the NFT claiming page.

How do I stake into this liquidity pool?

Please see this official written guide here:

One of our community Ambassadors also made this useful video tutorial:

How do I unstake from the pool?

  1. Click the "Claim & Unstake" button on the bottom of the staking page.

  2. Choose to "Approve UNI-V2" when asked.

Alternatively, this video made by one of our community Ambassadors should help:

Are there any LAND multipliers?

Yes. The more LAND you own, the greater your yield will be.

LAND Owner Type