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Game Maker Fund Projects

Take a look at some of the amazing projects that The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund supports.

The Game Maker Fund has brought to life many great experiences within The Sandbox's metaverse. Covering a wide range of genres - including adventure, RPG, hack-n-slash, action, exploration, puzzle, mystery and more - there is always something for someone to play.

Listed alphabetically below are some of the great projects that were made possible in The Sandbox thanks to the Game Maker Fund. Click the logos below to learn more about each project.

3D Print Your Life is a game where you work at a 3D printing shop meeting all kinds of people who use 3D printing to fulfill their different orders.

Dethrone is a fantasy RPG adventure game where the player’s mission is to restore order in the region by completing missions given by the mysterious sovereign.

Dracula's Castle is an action-adventure game, which is set in an area of the metaverse that has recently become threatened by the presence of Count Dracula.

Welcome to Dystopia. This is a land where humans, robots and cyborgs are working together to try and rebuild their small town of survivors. But all is not what it seems.

Inspired by the hero’s journey narrative developed by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Hack the Tao is a series of transitional games.

Light Trail Adventures is an RPG and exploration game. It is packed full of action and is set in a retro-futuristic city surrounded by a desolate desert. A spin-off of Light Trail Rush by B2Expand.

Monochrome: Wasteland is an action-adventure RPG set within the dystopian world of Monochrome.

Mushroom Mania is a collect-a-thon platformer and exploration experience set in an oversized amazing, beautifully designed, fantasy mushroom forest world.

Old West is a Wild West themed game that set within a detailed wild-western era town.

Pirate Adventure is a jolly experience full of adventures, pirates and iron. Become a pirate and explore the island to find the treasure.

Planet Rift is the biggest MMORPG experience coming to The Sandbox Metaverse, following an epic colonisation journey on the infamous Planet Rift.

Shinytures is an adventure game where you revive and take care of all the unique creatures, called Shinytures, that can be found on a very unique planet.

Sweet Village - the sweetest place, made of sweets and desserts. Fight the Halloween enemies and play the game while eating your favourite sweets.

Set in a castle in the sky, The Floating Castle is an adventure and combat game inspired by old "point and click"-type adventure games.

Tombs of Treasures is an adventure platformer game where the player explores a vast and dangerous jungle to locate treasures that were hidden in tombs by a lost civilisation.

Uncharted World is a futuristic space exploration adventure full of mystery and surprise.

Enter the Viking Fjord as Viking explorer set in a very atmospheric world. Our players have been traveling back in time to experience Viking life.