Welcome to The Game Maker Academy

Learn how to Build and Share your experiences in the Metaverse using the Sandbox Game Maker.
👋 Welcome to The Sandbox Game Maker Academy! 🎉
Wherever you are from, no matter how you have ended up here, we are excited to have you with us!
Whatever journey you are on, the aim of the Game Maker Academy is to help you get your bearings, equip you with knowledge and tools, and then help you to continue creating and exploring!
The content you will find here aims to guide you through some specific steps.
🔎 Understand what the Game Maker software is.
🌏 Explore how you can get involved with the Community.
🎨 Discover examples of Experiences you can create.
🛠️ Learn the tools you can use to start building.
🎓 Follow guides that help pull it all together to create a fully formed Experience.
🛰️ Share your Experience with the Community in The Sandbox Metaverse!
There is a lot of exciting content to cover, so let's make sure we kick off with the basics.
When you are ready make your way through the topics at your own pace and we'll get you building in no time!