Welcome to The Production Academy

Bring your big ideas to life. Production covers steps you can use to build and deliver experiences.
Hello creators and welcome to the Production wing of The Sandbox Academy.
This section of the Academy is all about planning and execution. We will explore how you take a big idea, use all the tools available in The Sandbox ecosystem, and pull them together to deliver on your goals!
Whether you are a solo creator, a small team, or a studio, the aim here is to share some of the core workflows you can use to start building.
While you don't need to be a master of all the tools to make your way through this content, it does help if you already have a firm understanding of The Sandbox environment. It is highly recommended that you take some time to learn about VoxEdit, the Game Maker, and the Marketplace.
That being said, if you like to jump in the deep end, and thrive on building the boat as you set sail, then we hope this documentation supports your process!
Don't forget, if you don't intend to build an experience yourself, there is a whole community of creators for hire that could help you build something special on your LAND.
Even if you outsource the construction of your experience or ASSETs, we still recommend you take some time to understand The Sandbox ecosystem. Learn how the pieces come together so that you're equipped with the knowledge to make sure your project is designed the way you intend it to be.